what we do

photo & video content

photo & video content

We provide a comprehensive service, from creative concept, through production and all the way up to post-production.

We can deliver photos and videos which will convey the vision behind your brand in a creative and beautiful way.

We work closely with various artists and always carefully pick the best team to deliver what you need.


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about us

We are a small creative team with vast capabilities, we have worked for the largest creative-strategy teams in agencies (e.g. DDB Worldwide, H20 Creative) and on the Client side (e.g. Play, Samsung). Over the years spent in various marketing roles, we learned how to close the gap between consumers and the brand as well as how to deliver a finished campaign quickly after receiving the brief. All of this allows us to offer a tailored approach and swift delivery, in turn allowing your brand to shine in any possible channel while still being very efficient.

how we work

We do not use any pre-made solutions from the shelf. Each project is tailored to the requirements of your brand and company – because we believe in high quality and unique communication. At the same time, as a small, flexible team we can deliver swift implementation usually unavailable to large agencies.


Tell us about your brand and what you want to achieve, we’d love to hear from you and build your next success story together.


Joanna Dobrowolska +48 609 043 042

Natalia Czapracka +48 790 004 964